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2020-05-06 08:39 pm

Friends only

New friends are always welcome. Just comment here and tell me where I know you from and I'll add you back. Be warned though, add me only if you don't mind tl;dr.

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2010-07-02 04:45 pm

(no subject)


This is long overdue really. If you can't see this entry (lol had to go few entries back to choose one that wouldn't kill your computer too much if you clicked it) you've been cut from my flist.

Reasons for cutting: you haven't updated in ages/don't use your lj at all/I can't remember you ever commenting/I'm not even sure who you are/I have you friended but you haven't friended me back (idek, but that shit ain't cool)
or some combination of these

My memory is pretty shit though and I might have made mistakes, so if you want me to add you back just comment here and I'll gladly do so. THIS IS ALSO THE EXCUSE YOU MAY HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR TO FINALLY GET RID OF ME. No hard feelings, I promise.